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CPanel is a fully featured web-based control panel that allows you to manage your domain through a web interface. The idea is to transfer as much of the control and responsibility of managing your web site to you. You have the ability to manage all aspects of e-mail, files, backup, FTP, CGI scripts, and web site statistics.



Web/FTP Stats

The Web / FTP Statistics area presents you with a wide variety of information about your web site, from the latest visitors to a detailed monthly summary of hits, as well as providing an error log. Use the Statistics tools to keep track of what pages are being visited most often, and where they are being referred from. The features available to you in this section are as follows:
Analog: Analog produces a simple summary of all the people who have visited your site. It is fast and provides great lightweight statistics.

Webalizer: Webalizer is a more complex stats program that produces a nice variety of charts and graphs about who has visited your site. This is probably the most popular stats engine available today.

Subdomain Stats: This will show statistics for the subdomains on your account.

Latest Visitors: This will show you the last 300 visitors who came to your site and some interesting information about them.

Bandwidth: This will show how many bytes your account has transferred.

Error Log: This will show errors in your site, images not loading, missing files, etc. This is very useful for debugging CGI scripts.

For more information about exactly what these web site statistics actually mean, refer to the following excellent articles:

Measuring Website Usage

How the Web Works

Sub Domain Stats
This is just a direct link to the "Subdomain Stats" as described above, in Web/FTP Stats. It shows statistics for any subdomains you may have created in your hosting account.
Error Log
The error log contains all HTTP errors that occur when visitors attempt to view your site, such as requested files not found, etc. The Error Log tool is a presentation of the last 300 entries in your error log. A central use of this tool is to locate suspicious server activity, such as attempted virus attacks. If you have concerns about any activity in your error logs, please contact our support staff immediately.

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