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CPanel based web hosting.

Cpanel is fully featured control panel that allows you to manage all your domains through a web interface. You have the ability to manage all aspects of your e-mail accounts, files, web site statistics, backup and much more


Mail manager
The Mail Manager allows you to manage all aspects of your email: Add/Remove Accounts, Default Address, Auto-Responders, Block an Email, Set Forwarders, Mailing Lists...more

FTP Manager
The control panel allows you to set up FTP accounts so that certain external users can access a restricted part of your hosting account. The FTP Manager deals with all the tools relating to setting up and managing FTP accounts, as well as managing FTP sessions...more

File Manager
The File Manager allows you to upload, create or delete files, organize files in folders, and change file permissions. While not as sophisticated as most FTP tools, File Manager is free and gives you all the basic functionality necessary to manage your site...more

If your computer crashes, or your personal backups are destroyed, these files allow you to recover your site in a convenient manner (you could also use FTP to download each file - more control, but it would take longer)...more

Password Protection
You can protect directories within your site from browsers by using a password...more

Custom Error Pages
Use this feature to create customized error pages, so when a user types the wrong URL or enters incorrect information on the browser, a nice error page will be displayed instead of the default one...more

Sub Domains
Subdomains are a way of creating separate accounts within your master account, which are accessed as separate URLs. A lot of larger businesses use subdomains to establish branding and focus on separate product lines, because a subdomain creates a separate URL and web presence...more

MySQL Database
Complete instructions/tools on creating and maintaining a MySQL database can be found in the MySQL Database section of the control panel. There you will also find PHPMyAdmin which is a great tool that can be used to administrate your MySQL databases in a web based environment...more

In order to activate shell access on your account, you will need to contact our customer service department at and request that it be setup for you. You will be asked to prove your identity with a faxed driver's license, passport, or other photo ID...more

FrontPage Extensions
Frontpage Extensions allow you to publish your web site using Microsoft Frontpage. If you do not use FrontPage to build your website, then you do not need the FrontPage extensions. If you DO use FrontPage for your website, and indicated such in your order form, then we will have installed teh FrontPage extensions for you...more

Raw Access Log
You can download the raw access logs that contain all the recorded hit information that your site has received. These logs are only really useful if you have a preferred reporting tool that you prefer to use, rather than the variety of reporting tools available in the control panel. If you use the reporting tools in the control panel (i.e. Webalizer stats) to track visitors and traffic to your website, then you do not need to download the raw access logs.

Web/FTP Stats
The Web / FTP Statistics area presents you with a wide variety of information about your web site, from the latest visitors to a detailed monthly summary of hits, as well as providing an error log...more

Chat Rooms
Chat rooms are scripts that allow any number of logged-in users to have a typed, real-time, on-line conversation. There are several pre-installed chat scripts available from within the control panel:
CGI Chat: This is a very simple CGI script written in Perl. It is very easy to install...more

From the control panel you can install a pre-made forum called XMB. The XMB Forum is a PHP web-based bulletin board. Unlike an email list or newsgroup, the XMB Forum creates a forum on your web site that allows users to post questions and receive replies, all from their web browser. This allows you to choose from a variety of graphical interfaces and smilies - little faces that communicate the mood of the writer...more

The Java Clock Maker allows you to create a real-time, dynamic clock, that counts the time just like a digital wrist watch.

You can create a countdown box to countdown to a specified date.

CGI EMail:
CGI EMail is a simple, easy-to-use script that takes the results of any form and sends them to you via email. Because it is already installed, minimal configuration is required to successfully use the script. Be sure to read the CGI user guide for detailed instructions on using CGI EMail

FormMail Clone:
One of the most popular form to e-mail scripts available is FormMail, by Matt Wright. The script can be setup very quickly, and provides a number of customization options. This FormMail Clone script operates in the same manner as the original. Be sure to read the FormMail documentation for more information about customizing the FormMail clone script.

Entropy Search:
This script enables a nice, quick search engine that can help your visitors find information that they are interested in more easily. The larger the site, the more important the search engine becomes. Warning: This search engine searches all of the ASCII (text) files on your site. This includes HTML, PERL, plain text files, etc. Since there is no way to limit the search engine, if any of these files contain sensitive information, either encrypt the files or remove them from your site. This is a smart move anyway - you should not store sensitive information on your web site without encryption

Entropy Banner:
The Entropy Banner script allows you to create a set of revolving banner images, normally used for advertising. You can upload and delete files, set priority on the images, and set URLs to which each image points.

Shopping Carts
A Shopping Cart is a set of scripts used to "e-commerce enable" a website. These scripts are integrated into your website to provide your shoppers (visitors to your website) an easy way to select, and pay for products and/or services you want to sell from you rwebsit...more

Cron Jobs
Cron jobs allow you to automate repetitive tasks on the server that hosts your web site. This is a powerful tool that allows you to take a hands-free approach to repetitive tasks. For example, you could add a cron job that automatically copies a mySQL database to a separate location on your site as a backup

Network Tools
The Network Tools area of the control panel has two available features

Mime Types
Mime types tell browsers how to handle specific extensions. Most Mime types are set globally on the server. You can alter or add new Mime types specifically for your site (note that you can not alter the global Mime type values, only add to them). Mime types are often used to handle new technologies as they appear. When WAP technology first appeared no-one had these extensions set up on their server...more

Apache Handlers
Apache is an open-source HTTP server, and is used to serve your site. Apache handlers tell the server how to deal with web files that need to be processed on the server. For example, Apache is set up to process files with .pl extensions using Perl...more

Hotlink Protection
Hotlinking is when another web site owner links directly to one or more of your images or multimedia files and includes it on their web page. Not only is this theft of your intellectual property, you are paying for the bandwidth used by that site.
Refer to this article for more information on hotlinking.

Index Manager
The Index Manager enables you to control how directories on your web site are displayed. If there is no index.html in a particular directory, the contents of the directory will be displayed to the browser. This is usually undesirable and can cause security issues. You can set the four different options for any directory through the Index Manage

IP Deny Manager
This feature will allow you to block a range of IP addresses to prevent them from accessing your site.
Mail Exchanger
This is a direct link to the "Modify MX Entry" feature in "Mail Manager". It allows you to modify your MX (Mail Exchanger) setting. The control panel is automatically setup to manage your email through its own mail server. However, by altering your MX (Mail Exchange Record) Entry you can point your email to another mail server, if this is required.
Note: We will not be able to manage your email if you change your MX Entry setting.

Search Engine Submit
The control panel allows you to submit your web site details to several search engines at
one time...more






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