Designing Your Product's Website. The most important ingredients for Internet success


The site assists the entrepreneur in developing a serious Web presence by providing a wealth of free information, resources, tools and content. Below, is list of the most important ingredients for your Internet success:

Professional Website

Your website is a direct reflection of you and your business. Creating a

professional website designed to sell will take a great deal of time and

effort, as there is much more to take into consideration than design.

You must look at a much broader picture and specifically design your

website to sell.

Quality Content

In order to create a steady stream of traffic to your website, you must

give your visitors a reason to visit and continue to visit in the future.

You must provide your visitors with fresh content on a continual basis.

Your Own Domain (

Businesses hosted on a free server are not taken seriously and are

generally considered to be unprofessional. If a company doesn't care

enough about its business to get its own domain name, potential

customers may not feel comfortable doing business with them. A

company with its own domain name and a professional looking website

will have a much higher rate of success when compared with most

business sites hosted on free servers.

Accept Credit Cards

If you're doing business on the Internet, accepting credit cards is an

absolute must. You must provide your visitors with an easy online

ordering process and the ability to pay for their order right online.

Developing Your Product

Developing your own product to market on the Internet isn't as

difficult as you may think. Today's technology has opened a whole

New World of opportunity for even the smallest home based business

owner. The knowledge you have within your own mind is all you'll

need to develop a successful product.

Not only does instant product delivery benefit your customer, but it

will also benefit you. By completely automating your product's

ordering and delivery process, you can spend your time performing

more important tasks, such as making more sales.

The best form of product delivery on the Internet is

automated. Internet users want the product they order as soon as

their purchase is complete. This can be accomplished in a number of

ways depending upon the type of product. F or example, if your

product is software or information, it can reside on your server and be

instantly downloaded via a link. If your product is a private site, you

can provide instant access as soon as your customer's payment has

been processed .

Designing Your Product's Website

Once you've developed a great product, your next step will be to

develop a great website. Your website must be specifically designed to

sell your product.

Everything within your website should have one purpose -- getting

your visitor to take action. Words are the most powerful marketing

tool you have. The right words will turn your visitors into customers.

The wrong words will cause them to click away and never return.

Your words are the entire foundation of your business. Your product,

your website and your marketing strategies all depend upon your

words. F ancy graphics don't make sales -- words do.

Every word, sentence and headline should have one specific purpose --

to lead your potential customer to your order page.

Write your website copy as if you are talking to just one person.

Identify a problem and validate that one visitor's need for a solution.

Continue to write and explain why your product is the solution to their

problem. Tell them exactly what your product will do for them -- why it

will solve their problems and how.

Pack your copy with benefits and more benefits. Write to persuade --

that's the bottom line.

Your website should be simple in design with the navigational links

placed at the top, left or right side of the page. It should be designed

in standard HTML with no F lash or fancy plug-ins and very few

graphics. Unless your graphics specifically pertain to your product or

enhance your site, you probably shouldn't include them. Your site

should load very quickly and each additional graphic will add additional

load time. In addition, there should be no banners or outside links of

any kind -- nothing that will distract your visitor's attention.

You must specifically design your website to rank high in the Search

Engines. This involves much more than just including META tags. Your

design, text, title and image alt tags all play a very important role in

determining how your website will rank.


Your "Title" should contain your most important keyword or keyword

phrase that you think potential visitors will use when performing a

search. Instead of capitalizing the first letter, type it in lowercase, as

most people type in all lowercase letters when searching.


Your description should contain your most important keywords and

describe your product in detail. You want your potential visitors to

know exactly what you're offering. Your description should be less than

200 characters.


Select the most appropriate keyword and keyword phrases, in different

variations, that you feel your potential visitors will use when

performing a search. The more targeted the better.

You can find a variety of tools to assist you in creating an effective list

of keywords here:

Heading tags

Search Engines pay close attention to the text displayed within the

"Heading" tags. Place your most important keyword phrase within a

"Heading" tag.

Graphic Alt tags

Place a readable sentence containing your keyword phrases within

your graphic "Alt" tags.


All of your keywords and keyword phrases should appear throughout

your text. If any of the keywords you placed within your META tags do

not appear within your text, the Search Engines will ignore them. Your

keyword phrases should appear at least three times within your text,

but no more than seven.

Your website is your product's storefront and will play a very important

roll in determining your success. Take your time and do your

homework before you begin. You may be pleasantly surprised with the


By Shelley Lowery



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