Creating a successful Internet presence involves much more than designing a great web site or having good product. Listing your web site with the Search Engines is your first step; however, you must not solely rely on the Search Engines to bring you traffic. You must design a complete marketing strategy and work it every day.
Developing Your Marketing Strategies

Your marketing strategy is essential part of your success. Your plan
must include both short-term and long-term strategies in order to
Short term marketing strategies are those that bring you a temporary
boost in traffic. Although these techniques are very important to your
over-all plan, they are only a temporary traffic source and must not be
solely relied upon.

Short-term marketing strategies include mainly:
- online promotions
- offline promotions
- cross promoting
- purchasing advertising
- your own affiliate program

Long-term marketing strategies include:

- increase sales by building credibility
- create a mailing list
- quality content
- up-graduate your education

By creating and implementing a balanced marketing strategy, using
both short-term and long-term strategies, you will drive a steady
stream of targeted traffic to your website. If you use this simple formula when creating your Internet marketing strategy, you can literally guarantee your

Once you've implemented your promotional strategy and continuously work it each day, you'll be amazed with the results of your efforts. Consistency will be the key to driving massive traffic to your site.

Online Promotions

If you're launching a new web site, your first step will be to submit your site to the Search Engines and Directories. No matter how wonderful your site may be, or how good of a domain name you may have, if you do not promote your site, it will fail. Submitting your site to search engines is the best way to promote it without spending a lot of money on advertising.
Although there are many auto-submission software programs available on the Internet, make sure you manually submit your site to the main Search Engines and Directories: Yahoo, Google, DMOZ, Alta Vista, Lycos, Hotbot
Note that:
1. Just submitting your web site to the major search engines is not sufficient to get a good ranking. Make sure your web site is correctly optimized before you do your submissions.
2. Getting massive amounts of traffic doesn't guarantee sales. Your web site copy must pull your visitors through the page for them to take action. Get others to read your copy and ask for their opinions.
3. To achieve higher rankings (and therefore more traffic) in the search engines, you need to continually refine your web site. Monitor your web site rankings and if necessary, adjust the keywords in your meta tags and web site copy.
4. Search engines should be only one of your marketing strategies. One week you could be at the top of a search engine, the next week your site may disappear. Therefore don't just rely on traffic from the search engines, but use other methods to drive traffic to your site.

Offline Promotions

Promoting your web site offline is another great way to increase your traffic.
Place ads in newspapers, magazines, on the radio, or on TV.

Promotional Exchanges

Cross promoting is a powerful technique used by many Internet marketers to increase the exposure of their products, services or publications. You simply decide what type of promotional exchange you would be interested in and contact fellow marketers to discuss an exchange.

The most effective technique used in cross promotions is recommendations. By providing each other with a personal recommendation you can increase your response rates tremendously.

Purchasing Advertising

If you really want to build your business online, you must be willing to
invest a portion of your profits back into your business. There are
several advertising opportunities available on the Internet that will
enable you to purchase targeted advertising very reasonably.

-Paying For Traffic
If you've been struggling with your website traffic and your sales
aren't what you had hoped for, then maybe it's time to start paying for
Pay-per-click Search Engines provide an extremely effective means of
obtaining highly targeted traffic to your website. The concept is simple.
You bid on targeted keywords for as little as .001 per click and receive
targeted traffic to your website.
The most popular and probably most effective pay-per-click Search
Engine is Although the minimum bid at is now 5
cents per click, if you have strategically designed your website to sell,
then paying only a nickel per visitor will be well worth the investment.
The key to using this technique effectively is to focus on one specific
product and select highly targeted keywords. This will help you to
weed out all of the window shoppers and attract your specific target

Viewing Search Terms
Most pay-per-click Search Engines will enable you to view exact
"search terms" that have been used to perform searches. Use this to
your advantage. You can find out exactly what "search terms" are being used for your target market and place your bids accordingly. Try
to create a list of as many relevant keywords as possible. The more
keywords you bid on, the more traffic you'll receive.
When bidding on keywords, keep in mind that in order to be
successful, you don't have to be listed at the top. Although receiving a
listing in the top three positions will produce major traffic through, most of the time, you must have a large advertising budget
to compete.

Reviewing Your Reports
Once your campaign begins, make sure you take the time to review
the reports provided by the pay-per-click services. These reports will
provide you with information in regard to how well each of your
keywords are performing and enable you to adjust your keywords or
change your bids accordin
To increase your traffic even further, don't just stop with one pay-perclick
Search Engine -- try several at time. The more streams of traffic
flowing to your site, the better.
Here is a list of some of the top pay-per-click Search Engines:

If you're serious about your business and you're ready to drive a
stampede of targeted traffic to your website, then give the pay-perclick Search Engines a try. They're well worth the small investment.

Your Own Affiliate Program

If you're marketing your own product on the Internet, you can
dramatically increase your sales with an affiliate program.
An Affiliate program will enable you to recruit an unlimited number of
individuals to sell your products. The key to obtaining affiliates is to
offer a nice commission for each sale. The higher the commissions, the
more affiliates you'll recruit.
There are thousands of affiliate programs on the Internet. In order to
be successful you must sell your affiliate program just like your
product. In other words, your affiliate letter should be written like a
sales letter. You must persuade your visitors to join your affiliate
program by packing your affiliate sales letter with benefits. Tell them
exactly what your affiliate program will do for them, how much
commission they will receive and make the sign-up process simple.

One Tier Verses Two Tier
One tier affiliate programs pay commissions on one level. For each
sale an affiliate makes, they will receive a commission. For example, if
you offer your affiliates 30% commission and your product sells for
$39.99, for every sale your affiliate makes, they will receive a $12
Two tier affiliate programs pay commissions on two levels. Affiliates
will receive a commission for each sale they make and for each sale
their recruits make. Two tier affiliate programs usually divide the
commissions over the two levels. For example, if you want to give your
affiliates a total of 30% commission for each sale, you would offer
20% commission on their first level sales and an extra 10%
commission for second level sales. If your affiliate makes a $39.99
sale, they would receive a $8 commission. If one of their recruits
makes a sale, they would receive an additional $4 commission.

Increasing Affiliate Sales
Nobody knows more about your product than you do. Provide your
affiliates with banners, sample ads, articles or anything that will assist
them in making sales.
To further increase sales, create an ebook that is directed towards
your target audience and allow it to be freely distributed. This ebook
should be packed with valuable information and, at the same time,
used as a sales tool for your product. Customize a copy of your ebook
for each of your affiliates and allow them to freely distribute it. You
can customize the ebooks yourself or purchase an ebook compiler that
enables your affiliates to customize your ebook themselves. Not all compilers will allow customizations.

To keep your affiliates motivated, set up an opt-in list to enable them
to subscribe and receive new promotional methods, sales letters and
articles to assist them in making more sales. This will not only increase
their sales, but it will also enable you to keep in contact with your
affiliates and introduce new products.

Take your time and select the best affiliate option for your business. If
you're just starting out, you may want to use one of the third party
affiliate companies, as this is the easiest route. You won't have to
worry about anything, as everything is taken care of for you. This will enable you to concentrate on making more sales and developing new

Increase Sales by Building Credibility

The Internet has opened a whole New World of information and
opportunity for all of us. However, it has also created a breeding
ground for scam artists. For this reason, many Internet users are very
reluctant to share their personal information and order products
As an Internet entrepreneur, it is your personal responsibility to
ensure that your visitors feel very comfortable with you and your
website. In order to gain your visitor's trust and confidence, you must
build your credibility.

Domain Name
In order to establish credibility, you must be willing to invest in your
own domain name and professional web hosting. Websites hosted on
free servers are not taken seriously and will suffer a serious loss of
business. Your visitors may feel that if you don't have your own
domain, you may not be a credible company. They'll simply take their
business elsewhere.

Contact Information
Provide your visitors with your complete contact information. This
information should include your "real" postal address and not a Post
Office box number. A business that hides behind a PO box loses
credibility. It's perfectly acceptable to use a PO box as long as you also
include your postal address.
Create a page to add to your website called "about" and include all of
the following:
-A personal or professional biography
-A photograph of yourself -A complete description of you and/or your company
-Your website and/or company objectives
-Your name, address, phone number and email address
It is very important that you include an "about" page, especially if
you're selling a product or service. You must do everything in your
power to put your visitor's mind at ease.

Privacy Statement
Internet users are becoming more and more concerned with their
privacy. Create a page on your website called "privacy" and let your
visitors know exactly how you will be using the information you collect.Testimonials
Another great way to build your credibility is to display your customer
testimonials. Include your customer's name, email address and web
address with each unsolicited testimonial to increase believability.

Many times, potential customers will have questions in regard to your
products and services. Create a page on your website called
"feedback" and place a form on this page to enable your visitors to
contact you. It is very important that you answer these questions as
quickly as possible. Your personal response to your potential customers can literally determine whether or not you're going to make
a sale.
A feedback form will also enable you to gather testimonials and
receive suggestions to assist you in improving your website, products
or services.

Secure Server
If you're processing your customer's orders online, you must place
your order form on a secure server. This will protect your customer's
personal information, while at the same time, provides your customers
with added confidence in placing an order with you. In addition, make sure you
let your visitors know that their information will be processed
on a secure server.
By taking the time to build your credibility with your visitors, you will
increase your Internet sales considerably.

Customer Follow Up
Following up with your customer, once you've made a sale, is an
important part of providing good customer service. Not only is it an
important part of developing a good relationship with your customer,
but it will also enable you to introduce
your new products. Although sending out a personal message to each of your ustomers
may not be possible, you can provide your customers with the illusion
that your message was personally sent. By using autoresponders, you
can eliminate the need to manually respond, each time you make a

Autoresponders are one of the best promotional tools on the Internet.
They were designed to automatically respond to any email message
sent to it with an automatic response. The more advanced
autoresponders will enable you to set up a series of autoresponse messages to besent out at a specified time.
You can use autoresponders to send all of the following:
-Thank you messages
-Welcome letters
-Order confirmations
Autoresponders can eliminate many of your routine follow-ups.
However, they cannot eliminate your customer's support requests and
your future mailings.

Customer Service
In order to develop a good relationship with your customers, you must providethem with quality customer service. Let them know that,
should they have any questions or problems, they are free to contact
you. Provide them with all of your contact information to make the
process simple. Even if you can't personally assist them, make sure
that you have a good customer support group ready to help. Reply to
their support requests as quickly as possible and assist them until the
problem is resolved.
Your customer service is one of the most important factors in
determining your customer's satisfaction. Even if you have a great
product or service, if your customer support isn't good, your sales will suffer. For every dissatisfied customer, you can expect to lose one hundred
new customers. Why? When one customer has a bad experience with
your company, you can be certain that they'll tell everyone they know
about their bad experience. It will travel through the grapevine and
ultimately cost you sales.
Follow-up with your customers and ask them how they like your
product or if they have any questions. This is a great way to not only
provide good customer service, but to also obtain feedback about your
product. By listening to your customers, you will know exactly what they want,what they're having problems with and how you can
develop a better product.

Mailing List

The best way to follow-up with your customers is to set up a mailing
list. No matter what mailing program you use, make sure that it will
allow you to send personalized messages. Your customers need that
personal touch. They don't want to feel as if the message they
received was sent to an entire list. They want to feel as if it was
personally sent to them.
By following up with your customers and providing great customer service, you are creating a life-long relationship. Satisfied customers
are more apt to purchase your new products in the future. Treat them
with the utmost respect and go above and beyond the expected.

Building Your Subscriber Base
There are many powerful ways to build your subscriber base. However,
for this article, we will only focus on the "best" ways.

Your Website
1. Place a subscription box on every page of your website. Make sure you
don't overlook this powerful means of gaining new subscribers. Your
visitors will enter your website from many other pages other than your main page. They may never even visit your main page, so make sure
your subscription box is visible on every page of your website.

Incentive Subscriptions
2.This powerful means of obtaining subscribers entails offering your
visitors a free gift in return for their subscription. This free gift may be
a free ebook, software, or report. This method of obtaining new
subscribers will increase your subscription rate immensely.
Download free ebooks that you may use as incentives here:
3. Writing Articles
Write informative articles and allow them to be freely published. Bywriting articles, you can significantly increase your subscriptions. The
key to using this method effectively is to include your subscription
information within your bylines.

Quality Content

In order to create a steady stream of traffic to your website, you must
give your visitors a reason to visit and continue to visit in the future.
That’s why you must provide your visitors with fresh content on a continual basis.

And don’t forget that your attitude is the MOST important factor in determining your

Up-graduate your education

One of the main factors determinating your success is the time you spend on your education. Internet users are starving for information, as that is what the Internetis all about. They have a sincere desire to learn and want the information they desire right now. Do not look on up-grading your education with “easy hart”, because it can literarily signify the difference between your success and failure.

*By publications of Shelley Lowery.



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